Merchandise becomes a hot seller during World Series

St. Louis Cardinals merchandise

As game five of the 2013 World Series gets underway in St. Louis, Cardinal fans are hoping Adam Wainwright puts one in the win column.

But when sports teams advance deep into the playoffs, how does that play for local merchants when it comes to food and apparel?

The last time the Cardinals were in the World Series back in 2011, there was plenty of World Series champion T-shirts, jerseys and hats to go around.

Ron Gengenbacher sees it whenever there is a major sporting event that is approaching. Be it the Super Bowl, the NCAA tournament or the World Series. Merchandise for teams that are deep into the playoffs starts going off the shelves.

"We always typically carry jersey's, t-shirts and stuff. But as soon as they hit the playoff's and they make it past the championship series of course, we can get the NLCS t-shirts. I f we can get a couple more wins, we'll get one more t-shirt in here," Gengenbacher said.

Meanwhile over at The Abbey, Gabe McClean said whenever a professional sports team from the area makes it into the World Series, Super Bowl or national tournament, people do turn out and he makes sure he's ready to go when the crowd shows up.

"We add some staff on, we have the girls get into their shirts and get them involved too. Get their Cardinals shirts and their football shirts, whatever, And tonight we have the cardinals on and the rams on, so it should be a good crowd," McClean said.

McClean and Gengenbacher said this time of year when you have baseball winding down and football going strong, it makes for a good bottom line when it comes to merchandise, food and spirits.