Melted snow and ice finding a new home

melting snow

The recent sunshine and warm temperatures is contributing to the little rivers we are seeing around town.

That excess water is making its way to into the inlets and sewers, and a few other places as well.

"When you get a major snow event like we had, then you get an ice event like we had Monday, and you pile everything up in front of it as you plow to clear the streets ,so you know the next task we go right into during these times of the year is cleaning out sewer inlets so the water has a place to escape to," Marty Stegeman, Director of Central Services for the city of Quincy said.

Stegeman says right now the city is combing the streets to make sure the sewers are clear.

Crews were out Thursday at Jersey at South 16th street clearing a sewer of water, leaves, sticks and other debris.

An expert says waiting for spring does not help either and that leads to water making its way into people's homes.

"Probably what you are going to see is with the rain we had and the snow melting, no place for the water to go, the ground is frozen, its all going to run off right along your house so its going to drop in and come in fairly quickly," John King, a foundation repair specialist with King Waterproofing and Foundation Solutions said.

To prevent water damage, he says to clear your gutters.

"The best thing you can do for water prevention is gutters, making sure your gutters are clean, your down spouts and everything is flowing away, you want your water as far away as quickly as possible from your house," King said.

Another way to prevent water problems is properly disposing of cooking grease.

"It coagulates then it builds, you may start out with a cup of grease here and then another person dumps a cup of grease as it moves through the system it combines it coagulates, it blocks the sewers," Stegeman said.

In the past, the city has faced a few problems with a blocked sewage system.

Stegeman says taking proactive measures now like clearing the sewers and properly disposing of grease helps in the long run.