Meeting for McDonough Co wind farm

We told you a few weeks ago about a plan to bring a wind farm to McDonough County.

A meeting was held last week to discuss the topic more.

KHQA spoke with Mayor Mick Wisslead about the meeting.

He said everything that was discussed was very preliminary.

But some of the main topics were about zoning regulations and where and how things could be done.

The mayor mentioned the Northeast side of the county as a possible site with the farm actually spilling over into neighboring Warren county.

Mayor Wisslead told KHQA this will be a very important form of energy.

"Plus one of the things that I've tried to do for years," said Wisslead, "we have to get rid of our dependence on everything foreign. Why are we spending money in some place that doesn't like it? So it's a chance for us to grow our own energy, so I'm really enthused about that."

Mayor Wisslead told us the farm is expected to contain 60 to 65 wind turbines.

The construction of the site should create about 200 jobs during the building process.

Once the construction is complete the farm would create 15-25 jobs.