Meet Shelbina PD's new K-9 in training

Meet Shelbina PD's new K-9 in training, Zuko

Zuko is the latest addition to the Shelbina Police Department.

Captain Cole Hinshaw says a two year process brought his new partner on staff.

"The dog actually started in the U.S. military, we got our hands on him and we immediately started liking him."

Most K-9's come from a corporation in Texas but this wasn't an option for Captain Hinshaw.

"This dog came available and decided it would be a better option and it was free since it was a U.S. military dog."

He says Zuko will be on the front lines combating the area's drug issues.

"Taking drugs off the highway as they head to Hannibal, Quincy, Champagne, Illinois, those kind of places where the drugs will come back to our rural areas."

That's not all Zuko will be trained for in his intense two-month crash course.

"This dog will be dual purpose. It will be used for drugs but it will also be used to track individuals for my safety or other officer's safety and also if we have a missing juvenile, we can use him to track them."

Now this training is for Zuko to learn the ropes.

It's also a chance for man and man's best friend to get used to the other's scent.

"The eight week program is for me to! I've never been a dog handler. The commands, they are all in German. I never spoke German, I'll have to learn all those commands in German so I can be an effective handler."

Captain Hinshaw is looking in to different training courses until he finds the best one for he and Zuko.

Zuko will be trained and on the streets at his handler's side by late summer.

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