Medical marijuana public forum aims to educate community

Herbal Remedies, LLC held a public forum Tuesday to talk about the state's medical marijuana program

Herbal Remedies, LLC spoke at a Rotary Club meeting Tuesday in Quincy.

The company owns the license to building a marijuana dispensary in Adams County and held the forum to educate community members on medical marijuana in Illinois.

Topics discussed included laws and regulations, dispensary operations, responsibilities of cultivation centers, and the responsibilities of patients.

Andy Schnack will be a dispensary manager for Herbal Remedies LLC.

He said he TMs excited for any chance to speak to the community because medical marijuana is still a new concept to a majority of people.

"Having worked in the industry in Colorado and California, I can provide them with real firsthand experience of the products that are available, how it works, and how it can actually provide treatment for people without dealing with pharmaceuticals," Schnack said.

He emphasized the importance of teaching people that pharmaceutical and medicinal products do not produce highs for patients.

The Quincy City Council is expected to vote on a zoning change to allow for the construction of a dispensary at 49th and Broadway later this month.