Medical marijuana forum held in Quincy

Experts address challenges and opportunities of Illinois new medical marijuana law.

The issues surrounding the use and regulation of medical marijuana in Illinois were the focus of a Sunday night


at the Oakley Lindsey Center in Quincy.

The event was organized by attorney

Bradley Vallerius

who has written a


to help people understand the details of Illinois new medical marijuana law.

Vallerius says that goal of the forum was to cover a wide range of topics.

"What are the various types of cannabis medicine and what are the medical conditions for which they may be effective?," Vallerius said. "What are the rules for responsible use and possession? What are the implications for employers and employees and where are the economic opportunities?"

Experts on the legal, medical and governmental use of the plant under the law spoke a the people who came to the event.

One important issue that was addressed was the possibility of having cultivation and distribution centers in Quincy or Adams County.

Although quite early in the process, Adams County Sheriff Brent Fischer shared some of his thoughts regarding this issue.

"I just hope that those that would be involved in the distribution site would allow law enforcement to be kind of a partner with them so to speak, as far as knowing the operation and anything that can help us gain information as the process moves along," Fischer said.

Vallerius says that each state police district in Illinois would get one cultivation center and one distribution center.

He also says there those facilities come with new jobs and opportunities for economic growth and revenue.