McDonough County kids taught Dr. MLK Jr.'s message

You need to understand the past before you can move forward with the future

That's according to some WIU students who volunteered their time Monday, January 14th (MLK Jr. Day) to teach kids the meaning of Martin Luther King Junior Day.

WIU's Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center holds a Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Day of Service Program for McDonough County kids every year.

KHQA's Jarod Wells witnessed Dr. King's message being passed on to the next generation.

This is the 9th year WIU's Gwendloyn Brooks Cultural Center held its Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Day of Service Project for kids in McDonough County.

5th grader Issac Johnson said, "We're studying about Martin Luther King Jr. and that he's really important to me."

3rd grader Amariana Kelly said, "We're doing a word search and we're making a necklace. We watched a video about him."

5th grader Jonee Newman said, "Every year we celebrate because he's the one who set us free, he's the one that made us happy and united with other people."

6th grader Tiarra Pettigrew said, "Today is kind of a day that is dedicated to Martin Luther King (Jr.) and we're just learning about his life and what he did to help make this all possible."

6th grader Kathryn Lamb said, "His "I Have a Dream" speech kind of made it so that, in our year, so that blacks and whites aren't supposed to be separated and we're all allowed to get together and have fun."

Volunteers from WIU gave their time to teaching area kids about Doctor King's message.

Volunteer Jasmin Harper said, "I actually wanted to do it because a lot of the kids really don't know the reason as to why things like segregation happened. It's a good thing to explain to them the difference between right and wrong. Also to let them be aware of the reason why they have this day off. So that history won't repeat itself."

Volunteer Cierra Davis said, "Definitely need to know about your past before you can go on with your future. What better way to start than with kids."

This is the first year kids were able to watch a video on Doctor King's life.

Several kids told Jarod they have been coming to this program for several years and the video has taught them the most about his life and his message.