Mayor touches on six topics during State of the City speech

Quincy Mayor John Spring says money is still the biggest issue facing city government today as he made that comment and other's during his annual State of the City address.

The mayor touched on six topics during his speech.

Everything from the economy, to jobs, infrastructure, public safety, education and transportation were all included.

The mayor said he thinks the community is moving in the right direction and he wants to see it continue to move forward in 2013.

But surprisingly, the mayor said the ongoing drought is a major concern for the city of Quincy.

"But I think the drought, the drought is something I think some of us don't pay a lot of attention to unless our yard has browned out. But we've got to make sure our farm to market community still exists, because that is what the driver is here because that is what drives retail," said Spring.

Spring also said a healthy business climate makes for a healthy community, and that education and training can lead to more head of household jobs to help grow the economy.

"So our objective as a public entity, a governmental entity, is to try and provide that atmosphere to try and provide, if need be, some incentives to keep strong companies going in and out of the community and we have a number of them and attract new companies as well," said the mayor.

Spring also said over the past several years, his administration has reduced the number of city workers who are on the payroll fat one point there were 348 compared to 315 today and that through early retirement incentives, the city has saved about five million dollars.