Mayor Spring says Quincy could have faced deep cuts

During Monday nights Quincy City Council meeting, Mayor John Spring addressed the recent concern that 3.1 million dollars in corporate personal property replacement tax was being targeted by state lawmakers to pay for teacher pensions.

Mayor Spring and other city leaders in Adams and other counties, spoke directly to lawmakers in Springfield to prevent what would have been a devastating financial loss.

Lawmakers decided not to go ahead with the plan for now.

Mayor Spring said that the city has already been forced to make a lot of budgetary cuts over the last 3 to 4 years.

The loss of this money would have meant even deeper cuts.

"We're operating back at a 2009 level. We've reduced our workforce by 35 positions. We were going to have to eventually look at public safety. And that's something I'm glad at this point we haven't had to do," Mayor Spring said.

Mayor Spring says the good news that came out of Springfield is that the enterprise zone that was due to expire was extended for another 25 years. And the city only lost 1% of the 3.1 million dollars in corporate revenue.

Mayor Spring says we can breathe a sigh of relief for now ... but a solution to the pension funding problem still has to be reached.