Mayor says recent cases warrant a vicious animal ordinance

Residents in Macomb and McDonough County could see a new law dealing with pets that are deemed vicious.

Right now the C

ity of Macomb has no current law dealing with what some would consider vicious animals.

But after one person was severely bitten and a pet on a leash being walked by its owner was attacked by an aggressive dog, Mayor Mike Inman said
it's time to pass an ordinance.


So keep it in mind that we want to be able to address the problem in a way that it's going to be passing constitutional muster first of all, but be fair and consistent," said Inman.

The city and the county share the costs of providing animal control, even though the county is in charge of the department. We spoke with the county animal control officer, who told us she would not comment until there's something official on the books.
Inman said
he'd like to see that happen sooner rather then later.


But we also understand that that we need to craft an ordinance and work closely with the county, which we're doing, in order to make sure the ordinance is enforceable and fair," said Inman.

The mayor also said the idea is to protect people AND to protect animal rights. He added the ordinance would not be breed-specific.

Decisions on whether an animal is considered vicious would be made on a case-by-case basis.

Inman said there is no specific timetable for the ordinance.