Matilda the pug: Home safe and sound

Little Matilda the pug had quite an amazing journey over the past week.

Last Tuesday, July 3rd, Matilda was frightened by some neighborhood fireworks. She took off, leaving her owners completely distraught.

Even after hours and hours of continual searching with no Matilda in sight, Nick Tappe, Matilda's owner, did not give up hope.

He started reaching out to friends, family and the entire neighborhood through the social media site, Facebook, and some 3,000 well designed and placed "Missing Matilda" flyers.

After numerous false alarm phone calls from searchers thinking they may have spotted the little pug, Nick received the real deal on Monday at 8:59 a.m.

Some workers at Denman Linen Service on Wisman Lane saw Matilda and called the number that was posted on the flyer. Nick's wife went to see if the look-alike Matilda was really her and to their surprise it was her, safe and sound.

"We were extremely scared and distraught. We had no clue what to do when she first went missing," Nick Tappe said. "The heat was our biggest concern. With her short nose ... and pugs not doing so well in the heat, we didn't know what the heat would do to her or how she would survive."

But the heat did not stop Matilda from returning home. After a quick check from her veterinarian, Matilda is home with a clean bill of health.

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