Massive meth bust on Quincy's North Side

Investigators found more than 500 shake-and-bake containers on the property.

Drug investigators in Quincy have uncovered what was described as one of the largest methamphetamine operations seen in the city.

"This is the most we've seen in some time, if not ever, in a residence when we've gone in," Adams County Sheriff Brent Fischer said.

Officers with the West Central Illinois Drug Task Force raided a home at 412 Spruce St. in Quincy. A previous warrant for Field M. Wolf, age 31, lead the task force and the Adams County Sheriff's Department to the home Monday around 9:45 a.m.

The West Central Illinois Task Force then executed a search warrant at 412 Spruce Street in Quincy. The Adams County Sheriff's Office Special Response Team was utilized to serve the warrant for the task force.

Wolf and another resident of the home, Christina M. Rife, age 34, were arrested for unlawful participation in methamphetamine production while the contents of the home were spread across the yard.

Methamphetamine, two handguns, and numerous pounds of methamphetamine manufacturing materials were seized as a result of the warrant.

Police found more than 500 shake and bake bottles that piled 3-feet high in some areas. A 5-gallon bucket full of lithium battery waste and numerous ether cans and boxes of salt were also found ... all ingredients needed to make methamphetamine.

Due to the large amount of material, a private contractor was contacted to dispose of the waste.

Members with the drug task force say there was no actual "bottle bubbling" at the time of the bust, but it's clear, with the amount of waste in the home, that this was a daily occurrence if not multiple times a day.

The investigation is ongoing and additional arrests are possible.

The task force was assisted on the warrant by the Adams County Sheriff's Office, the Quincy Police Department, City of Quincy Animal Control, and the Illinois State Police Meth Response Team.