Martial Arts expert wants to teach life skills that pack a punch

Robert Bentley is a fifth degree black belt. He says a popular cartoon from his childhood piqued his interest.

"Ninja Turtles got me started, when I was five years, I begged my mom, and she didn't put me in it right away, my mom didn't want to put in martial arts because she thought it was all fighting," Robert Bentley, the owner of Legacy Martial Arts, said.

He TMs probably someone you don't want to mess with now, but at one point a lot of people did.

"Little, I was tiny, so I got picked on a little bit, and then finally my mom, like I begged her for years, three or four years straight to go and then finally she just caved and she was like, "Ok, we'll take you,"" Bentley said.

It was important to his mother that he learned something.

"She went to a few different schools in the area and then finally she found one that taught respect, focus, and discipline, and not just fighting," Bentley said.

He also says one of the first things he learned was respect.

Bentley wants to pass the same qualities on to his students no matter what it is.

Whether it TMs teaching someone Taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, or if you just want to stay in shape, he wants you to learn valuable lessons that will help you in all areas of your life.

"We've always said attitude, discipline, and respect, are the goals martial arts is the method and I compare it to, kids, if kids, I always say if broccoli tastes like cake, them kids would eat their vegetables, so kids don't necessarily won't to learn life skills but they get it through doing martial arts," Bentley said.

Bentley is currently working toward his sixth degree black belt and should have it within in a few years but in the meantime, he will keep doing what he loves, and that is teaching martial arts.