Market Street threats cause concern for Hannibal residents

Talks of a group of troublesome teens covering a section of Market Street have surfaced.

After a reported attack on a young Hannibal couple hit social media, talks of a group of troublesome teens covering a section of Market Street surfaced.

"They think they are getting away with hurting people, jumping people, doing whatever they are doing, they are not getting in any trouble for that. So I think that it is not fair to everyone else," Amy Logan said.

Logan's friends were walking one night along Market Street and say they encountered what was referred to as the Market Street Gang and was assaulted by the group.

"It's crazy because it was two people I knew, and I know they were talking about how if his friend didn't drive by when they did, he could be in the hospital, or dead, or anything like that," Logan said.

Hannibal Police Lieutenant John Zerbonia says the police are aware of this group of kids.

He doesn't consider this group a gang.

"We are not going to define them as a gang because that's what they want. I can't define this as a gang, they are just a group of kids," Zerbonia said.

Hannibal police have strengthened patrols in the areas where the group frequents.

They have been called to three assaults from this group in the last six weeks, only one case involved injuries.

"We have had groups of kids do this on the south side, we had groups of kids doing this in other areas of town. And what we have done is we dealt with each situation like this, we applied pressure like we are doing now, and eventually clears itself up," Zerbonia said.

As for Logan, she is waiting to hear the Market Street Gang is no longer, so she can feel safe in her town.

"I don't want to live in Hannibal, I am looking at apartments in Hannibal, and it makes me not want to live there, because my daughter is growing up and I don't want this gang to keep going on for generation to generation," Logan said.

If you see anything suspicious while you are out and about at night on Market street, make sure and report it to the Hannibal Police Department by calling 911 or the non-emergency crime tip line at 573-221-0987.