Mark your milestones on ornaments

The Holiday Ornament class will be held at JWCC on December 12th.

Growing up Alyssa Hummel's family always made homemade ornaments. It's a tradition she's kept through adulthood.

"For me the best thing about making an ornament is being able to take out that ornament every Christmas and putting it on your tree and remember, 'oh this is the year we did this or oh this one has a dog on it that's the year we got out puppy or that's the year this child was born'," Hummel said "It's a milestone."

A milestone, Hummel wants to teach you how to make. This month she's teaching a holiday ornament class at John Wood Community College.

"I've had people from all ages and all craft levels and this is something that's definitely easy to do if you like to play with play-dough, it's a no brainer," Hummel said.

Still not convinced you crafty enough for this class? Don't worry, Hummel starts the two hour course with the very basics.

"I really teach the class in three stages," Hummel said. "First we start with a mitten and then we add a couple layers." But not matter what your ornaments look like, it's the memory it captures that matters.

"You can add things to your ornaments or make them a little bit different to capture a big event that happened that year," Hummel said.

Making your Christmas tree more like a memory book and your ornaments the snap shots. Something, Hummel says you and your family will look forward to making every year.

The Holiday Ornament class will be held December 12th, click here to register.

To see more of Hummel's ornament visit her Facebook page.