Mark Twain honored with new stamp

You will be seeing a lot more Mark Twain from now on.

His face is on a new commemorative stamp unveiled by the US Postal Service Saturday in Hannibal.

The stamp shows Twain from 1907, as we commonly remember him.

There is a steamboat on the Mississippi River in the background.

They represent the huge role the river played in many of Twain's books and his life.

Twain's is the 27th stamp in the Literary Arts series.

United States Postal Service Governor James Bilbray says, "Mark Twain is certainly one of the greatest in American history, if not the greatest. So, we've put stamps out, we've honored Steinbeck, and Rand and others, and Mark Twain is one that we're honoring this year. And letting people know about our American heritage by postage stamps."

It went on sale Saturday nationwide for 44 cents.

The stamp is a forever stamp.

That means you can always use it to send a first class letter, no matter the cost of postage.