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      Mark Twain High students create recipe for success

      Imagine heading to a competition where you're facing 46 other states, as well as schools bigger than yours.

      That was what the Mark Twain High School's ProStart Management team faced at a national restaurant management competition.

      Jill Alexander and her team competed for scholarship money by putting their restaurant leadership skills to the test.

      "What we did is we competed with a mock restaurant ," Alexander said. " We create the concept, the menu, we even make some of the dishes for it, we have a board, and a whole plan for our restaurant. And we go and propose that to mock investors and they judge us and tell us what is good and what's bad about our restaurant and how we can improve."

      The team faced schools that not only were larger than them, but could dedicate more of the school day towards this competition.

      That meant Jill and her team had to work even harder to not just succeed, but place in the top five.

      "It was really an incredible feat for us to be able to go twice and to place twice, especially from such a small school and such a rural area , " said Alexander.

      Linda Stinson is the faculty advisor for the team, and she's proud of the students for doing so well, but is most proud of the way they've grown as leaders.

      "It's nice to see them gain that confidence from going from microwaving pizza rolls to making cinnamon rolls from scratch and they're loving it ," Stinson said. " So it's a good thing."

      While a big trophy is nice to show off, Jill is happier about the progress she's made through this group.

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