Marion County residents: Have you registered for emergency alerts yet?

When an emergency alert needs to be sent out, many counties use the Code Red System.

Marion County Missouri just put their Code Red System on line and they've already used it.

But if you're counting on getting message sent to your cell phone, you need to register the information online before you can start getting the emergency and weather alerts.

All of the land based phones in Marion County have been entered into the database and now officials are wanting to get as many cell phones into the data base as well.

"All cell phones have to be signed up. We don't have any of those numbers, so you've got to go in and sign up to get any of the alerts plus the weather," John Hark, director of the Marion County Emergency Management Agency, said.

Just last week, a child went missing from the Palmyra area and because only about 200 cell phones have been registered with the system through all of Marion County, the alert didn't get as far as some would have expected. The alert went to the land lines, but to make it more effective, safety officials would like to see more cell phones in the data base.

"Then again, those who don't have land lines and those who haven't registered their cell phones, they didn't get the call. I have got a number of calls from people who did register their cell phone and they did get the call. The turn out was tremendous and the ability of us to contact those people just worked wonders," Hark said.

Click here to register your phone.

He added if for some reason, you can't access a computer to register your phone or to sign up for more options, you can go to Palmyra City Clerk's office, the Hannibal Park and Rec. Department or to the Marion County courthouse in Palmyra. He said they've currently got about 11,000 land line numbers in the system, they just want to be able to get as many cell phones as possible.

If you need help getting your phone signed up for the emergency alerts or getting your cell phone number into the data base system, you can catch up with the Marion County Emergency Management Agency and their people at the Marion County Fair in Palmyra.

They'll be at the fair Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday afternoon and evening.