Marion County commissioners seeking public opinion

A sales tax increase could generate $900,000 a year.

Marion County wants to hear from the public about a possible sales tax increase.

Commissioners are proposing a possible quarter of a cent sales tax increase for the county.

Funds generated from the tax increase would cover various projects for 460 miles of county roads.

One of the projects would include switching the current river gravel used for gravel roads to white rock.

Commissioners say switching the rock would prevent damage to vehicles, such as popped tires.

It would also mean resurfacing 70 miles of blacktop, and replacing old, narrow culverts with new ones.

County commissioners say public approval is needed by January 21 in order to put it on the April ballot.

If passed, the measure would bring in roughly $900,000 a year.

"We're proposing the quarter cents sales tax where we can go out, work in the county roads, the money would be raised here in the county, spent in the county and used here in the county, so people can see a direct benefit and direct use of the funding," said Lyndon Bode, Presiding Commissioner.

To voice your opinion on the matter, you are encouraged to contact any of the commissioners- Lyndon Bode, Presiding Commissioner, Randy Spratt- Western Commissioner, and Larry Welch, Eastern Commissioner through the Marion County Courthouse, or by clicking here. You can also let them know your thoughts by talking to them or by attending one of their meetings which takes place on Monday's at 9:30am in the Marion County Courhouse.