Manhunt underway in Adams County

The suspect backed into the police vehicle that attempted to pull it over. / KHQA's Jim Whitfield

UPDATED: June 30 at 12:37 a.m.

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There are more questions than answers Thursday morning about an almost six hour standoff in Eastern Adams County.

The manhunt is over, the suspect, 24-year-old Benjamin Biggs of Mount Pleasant Iowa is dead, and now police may never know what caused the man to steal an SUV from Quincy and lead police on a high speed chase east of Liberty.

KHQA's Chad Douglas was first on the scene early Wednesday afternoon and was there when it ended at 10:00 Wednesday night.

In the process two police officers were shot, both of them are back home and fine.

Police will hold a news conference Thursday with additional details, so continue to follow this story and click here for newest updates.


UPDATED: June 29 at 10:41 p.m.

Chief Copley has confirmed that the incident is over.

The suspect is deceased. He was already deceased when police entered the home.

He tells KHQA that the area is being treated as a crime scene.

The name of the deceased suspect has not been released, but check this story for more details as they are released to the media.

Denise Buckner said on our Facebook page, "Sad that it went this drastically - don't condone his behavior, but still sad that someone feels like they need to take their life for bad decisions."

Candy Clark tells us, "People r going nuts and its no wonder with society the way it is. Its called depression. No jobs, everything goes up but r wages. Its just sad!!"

We also heard from Katie Reichert, "All of this over a suburban...a piece of medal. What a shame."

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UPDATED: June 29 at 8:24 p.m.

The suspect is described as a white male in his mid- to late 30's. He was wearing a backpack. Police are unsure who he is at this time.

---------UPDATED: June 29 at 6:11 p.m.

An active manhunt has turned into a barricade situation east of Liberty. There were scanner reports of shots fired.

The scanner said one Adams County Deputy has been shot in the chest while wearing a bullet proof vest and is being treated but appears to be okay.

A second officer, who works for QPD, was shot and is also okay. An ambulance is on scene.

The suspect is on the second floor of a house about a mile east of Kingston. There are four officers in that home.

Chief Copley has confirmed this information.

We will continue to bring you updates as they are released.


UPDATED: June 29 at 4:10 p.m.

The stolen vehicle involved is a 1997 Suburban that was stolen from Boots Bush Park in Quincy where the owner was playing ball with his kids.

We are still in the process of obtaining a suspect description.


There is an active manhunt happening east of Liberty.

Police say to lock your doors and take the keys out of your vehicles. The suspect is considered armed and dangerous.

Quincy Police Department Patrol Officer tried to stop a stolen vehicle reported in Adams County.

It turned into a high speed pursuit east out of Quincy.

An officer exchanged gunfire with suspect near Quincy Regional Airport. The suspect fled with officer in pursuit.

The suspect then backed into the QPD vehicle. A preliminary report from our reporter is that the Quincy Police officer involved is ok.

The altercation is taking place east of 5 Points on Hwy. 104.

The suspect fled on foot into an area in Liberty. There are currently planes in the air searching for the suspect.

Hwy. 104 is closed at East 2500th Street east of Liberty.

The Quincy Police Department, Adams County Sheriff's Department, and Illinois State troopers are all involved.

Police are advising people in the Liberty area or east of Liberty to report any suspicious activity to 911.

KHQA's Chad Douglas is inside the set-up perimeter. Jim Whitfield is outside the perimeter with Quincy Police Chief Rob Copley.