Mandated health exchanges creating challenges for Illinois and Iowa

Illinois is working to set up its own health insurance exchange.

The state plans to work in partnership with the federal government to run the exchange for 2014.

With the exchange consumers and small business owners can shop for health insurance.

But so far Governor Quinn has not been able to get lawmakers to pass the legislation needed to create the exchange.

State officials were expected to submit a blueprint of their plan to the government on Friday.

Meanwhile Iowa Governor Terry Branstad says his state is working to create a state based insurance exchange but has said that the sate may be forced to go with the the federal program.

On Friday Branstad sent a letter to the U.S. Health and Human Service Secretary saying that his state still does not have enough information to decide what to do.

A spokesman for Governor Branstad says that he would like to avoid a federally run program but if he doesn't get the information that he needs, he may have no choice but to default to that option.