Man pleads guilty for escaping from jail

Jacob Darnell

UPDATED: February 12, 9:15 a.m.

A third man accused of breaking out of the Pike County Jail last fall has pleaded guilty.

Joseph Verive of Clarksville was sentenced to four years in prison on two counts of escape and six years on a separate charge of domestic assault.

The terms will be served consecutively.

Two other men, Jacob Darnell and Emmanuel Chatman of Louisiana, have pleaded guilty and been sentenced to seven years each in prison.

Two additional suspects await court dates.

~Story by Brent Engel.


A second inmate involved in the five-prisoner Pike County Missouri Jail break last September has pleaded guilty to escape.

A Judge sentenced 21-year-old Jacob Darnell of Louisiana to seven years in prison after admitting to breaking out of jail, theft and damage to jail property.

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On December 11, 2012, Emmanuel Chatman of Louisiana, Mo. pleaded guilty to breaking out of the Pike County Jail.

Chatman was sentenced Monday to seven years in prison after admitting to charges of escape, damage to jail property and theft in the September eighth incident.

The sentence will be served consecutively with a nine-year term Chatman was given after pleading guilty December third to a felony charge of domestic assault for an incident that happened last June.

Meanwhile, four other men are charged in the jailbreak.

Brothers Jacob and Jason Darnell of Louisiana are accused of felony escape, damage to jail property and theft. Jacob Darnell faces arraignment January 14th. Jason Darnell has an April 11th jury trial.

Joseph Verive of Clarksville will be arraigned on escape and damage charges January 28th and William Wilkerson is set for a jury trial March 7 on the same charges.

Tordale Chatman of Louisiana has a counsel status hearing December 19th. Heâ??s accused of hindering prosecution for allegedly driving three of the escaped prisoners from Bowling Green to Louisiana.

- Story by Brent Engle