Man hurt after hitting turkey with motorcycle

It was slow moving Tuesday morning along Interstate 172 near Barry.

A man riding a motorcycle ran into a turkey on the roadway and lost control of his bike and crashed.

Brian Armstrong of Pleasant Hill had to be airlifted to Blessing hospital.

The daughter of an anonymous viewer contacted us on Facebook Tuesday morning and said her mother just happened to be driving behind Armstrong as the accident unfolded.

She shared a comment from her mother on our Facebook wall, "... I was driving behind Brian and he tried to avoid the bird and he ended up losing control of his bike and he layed it down and he ended up about 10 feet from the bike and i stopped to help him out with 2 other ppl thank goodness he was alert and talking but he was heart goes out to him and his family and hope he recovers fast.. i am shaken up over this . thank goodness for the fast response of medical care as well. Will be prayin for him."

Armstrong was treated in the ER and we were told he was released this afternoon.

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