Man found in lake at Illinois Veterans' Home

The Quincy Fire Department's water rescue team was dispatched to recover a man from the lake at the Illinois Veterans' Home.

The man was taken to Blessing Hospital. His condition isn't known at this time.

Rescue officials said that a woman and her children came across the man's wheelchair in the water. They contacted authorities.

The call to dispatch came in about 1:35 p.m.

A Veterans' Home official told our reporter at the scene that they could not immediately comment on the incident and that an investigation is underway. They're expected to release a statement later today.

It's unclear if the man is a resident of the home or a visitor as the grounds are open to the public.

Capt. Mark Bigelow of the Quincy Fire Department initially said there was a call of a floating body in the lake and that there was a high likelihood that the person in the lake was deceased. The information was retracted after a follow-up interview with Bigelow and confirmation from an official with firefighters at the scene.