Man faces assault charges against 7-week-old baby

Dustin T. Dye arrested for causing serious injury to 7-week-old baby girl.

UPDATED: 4:30 a.m. on Friday, June 13:

The Hannibal man accused of abusing a 7-week-old has had his arraignment delayed.

Dustin Dye was supposed to be in court Friday, June 13th, but his arraignment has been delayed a week.

The delay comes at the request of Dye's Public Defender.

His attorney has also filed a motion for continuance and to have Dye's bond reduced.

He'll be in court next Friday, June 20th at 8:30 in the morning.


A Hannibal man is facing charges for injuries he reportedly caused to a 7-week-old baby.

In a release from the Marion County Prosecuting Attorney's office, Prosecuting Attorney David Clayton says that two counts of assault in the first degree have been charged against Dustin T. Dye.

Dye is accused of causing serious physical injury to the 7-week-old baby.

Dye was arrested Saturday night in Hannibal.

In his release Prosecuting Attorney Clayton goes on to say, "It is shocking that a person could (allegedly) intentionally cause this type of harm to such a defenseless infant. My thoughts and prayers are with the baby and her family as hopefully they can start and continue a process of healing, physically and mentally. The Marion County Prosecutor's office will work closely with all contributing law enforcement and social service agencies to assure that this little girl and her family receive the justice they so much deserve."

Clayton offered high praise to the Hannibal Police Department for their dedication apprehending Dye, who reportedly used elaborate means to try and avoid capture.

If convicted, Dustin T. Dye could face up to two consecutive life sentences.