Man convicted of murder asks for release after judge's ruling

Mark Woodworth at 16 when he was first accused of murder.

A Chillicothe man whose murder conviction was questioned by a judge is seeking his release from prison while the high court considers the case.

Mark Woodworth was 16 in 1990 when he was first accused of shooting his neighbor, Cathy Robertson as she slept in her home. He was sentenced to life in prison nine years later in 1999.

During a recent appeal a judge has ruled Mark Woodworth should have his conviction set aside and get a new trial. Boone County Circuit Judge Gary Oxenhandler ruled that Woodworth, who was 16 at the time of the crime, was the victim of "a manifest injustice." He said Woodworth deserves either a new trial or release from prison after prosecutors failed to provide his lawyers with key evidence.

Now the 37-year-old is hoping to be released from prison while the state Supreme Court decides whether to release Woodworth permanently or order a third trial.

On Wednesday,
Woodworth's lawyer asked the Missouri Supreme Court to release him on bail.

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