Man charged in four-year-old sex crime

Shawn M. Mathews, 41

A Quincy man is being held at the Hancock County Jail after his arrest on various charges including predatory criminal sexual assault of a child.

Shawn M. Mathews, 41, was arrested Sept. 30 on a Hancock County warrant that also charged him with criminal assault and aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

The charges are part of a four-year-old case. The warrant was initially issued Sept. 28, 2009. He was charged last week after his arrest in California. He's due back in court at 11 a.m. Thursday for a preliminary hearing.

Details of the arrest are being withheld due to the age of the victim who accused Mathews of the crime.

Mathews is currently being held at the Hancock County Jail on $100,000 bond.