Man admits killing Macomb pipeline worker; takes own life

Jose Bustos-Bravo said that Juan Bustamante (shown here) was dead and revealed the possible location of his body.

A Macomb pipeline worker wanted for questioning after his roommate's disappearance killed himself inside a Denver, Colo. federal courthouse after he confessed to murdering, according to law enforcement.

Investigators were searching for Francisco Villa, 43, whose real name was Jose Bustos-Bravo, for questioning in the disappearance of his roommate Juan Bustamante, 65. Both men were reported missing from their home at 1513 E. Murray St. Thursday by a third roommate.

The roommate said it appeared there was a disagreement and blood was found on the carpet inside the apartment. Investigators found Bustamante's vehicle in the Walmart parking lot, but were unable to find Bustos-Bravo's car.

U.S. Marshals in Aurora, Colo. located Bustos-Bravo Sunday afternoon and took him to the marshals' office in the federal courthouse for questioning. He admitted that he killed Bustamante and told investigators where they could Bustamante's body, according to the Macomb Police Department.

Bustos-Bravo was awaiting transport to a state court in Denver where he would undergo an extradition hearing to have him transferred back to Illinois to face charges. He took his own life, Chief Deputy of U.S. Marshal for Colorado Ken Deal said. Bustos-Bravo hanged himself in a holding cell at the courthouse, according to Deputy Chief Eric Lenardt of the Macomb Police Department.

Information about the death wasn't immediately available at the Denver Office of the Medical Examiner.

Court records revealed that this wasn't Bustos-Bravo's first run-in with federal investigators.

A California federal judge in 2010 sentenced Bustos-Bravo to six months in prison, three years supervised release and ordered him deported after an arrest along the California/Mexico border, according to federal court records.

Bustos-Bravo was arrested May 11, 2010 11-miles west of Calexico, Calif. A U.S. Border Patrol agent found Bustos-Bravo hiding in the bushes.

Records show that Bustos-Bravo was deported previously in February 2003 in El Paso, Texas. It also showed that at the time of his 2010 arrest, Bustos-Bravo had a criminal record and there was no indication that he tried to legally reenter the U.S.

Law enforcement didn't say how Bustos-Bravo managed to return to the U.S. Calls to South Flanagan pipeline developer Enbridge Inc. were not immediately returned.