Malachi's Family Cafe serves up more than coffee

It's that bible verse that holds the purpose behind everything Bounds and his family does.

After opening in April, Malachi's Family Caf serves to feed all of the needs of everyone who visits the shop.

The story of how owner Stephen Bounds and his family made their way to Quincy, is in his words, a long story.

"I have British upbringing, but Austrian culture, mixed with all these other cultures that I was exposed to," said Bounds. "And I married an American, so that exposed me to a new culture. We've been all kinds of places in the world to basically share the love of Jesus wherever we go."

Bounds says he felt compelled to serve God and the community here through a coffee shop.

"We never would have thought we would be doing a coffee shop," said Bounds. "And we certainly have never done church in the style that we're doing here either. And it's all just been, throughout the years, God teaching us different things and adding to who we are so that now we're doing what we do."

Bounds and his wife Juli, along with their five children, have spent the last year renovating this space to transform it to a family-friendly atmosphere.

They wanted to be sure that this was no ordinary coffee shop.

"That's what it's all about, is spending time together and developing that relationship, because relationships just take time," Juli said. "You can't shortcut that, you can't get around and think 'Well if I just sit around the table together and we all are in on our things,' the relationships not going to happen."

On the wall, you'll notice a bible verse from the book of Malachi.

It's that bible verse that holds the purpose behind everything Bounds and his family does.

"If we can do that in the context of a coffee shop, then that's awesome, because I love coffee," said Bounds. "But if it's a different venue, if it changes from what we're doing now, the goal is to see families strengthen here in Quincy and beyond."

Malachi's Family Cafe offers free regular coffee to anyone who wants to stop by.

The caf is located at 1739 Oak Street in Quincy.

They have the following hours:

Tuesday: 4pm-8pm

Wednesday: 7pm-10pm

Thursday: 4pm-8pm

Saturday: 10am-10pm

Sunday: Open at 9:30am for Sunday worship service, which starts at 10am.

Bounds said the caf will have new hours, coming in July.

The caf also serves as the location for Christ Worship Center, for which Bounds is a Pastor.

For more information on the cafe, worship center, or the services Stephen and Juli offer, you can visit their website by clicking here.