Making your Super Bowl Sunday a charitable one

Looking to give back this year?

Start super bowl Sunday.

Catholic Charities kicked off their fourth annual Super Bowl of Caring at Kriegers restaurant.

The program asks for any group to get together and raise funds or food donations by the Super Bowl.

All collections will be picked up the day after on February sixth.

All proceeds and donations benefit Catholic Charities and Quanada food pantries.

Organizers say there has been a forty percent increase in people using the pantries this past year.

They hope while people celebrate the big game, they also remember the less fortunate.

"I hope that as you plan your super bowl parties this year that you think of other people that can't afford to have the super bowl party or they can't afford to put food on the table for their families so give a little extra this Super Bowl season," said Jackie Bruns, Super Bowl of Caring organizer.

Kriegers is this year's sponsoring location for the Super Bowl of Caring.

It will donate 10 percent of its sales from February 2, to the program.

If you want to get involved or register your group call 217.222.0958.