Making sure babies are safe in Illinois and other states


ince 2001, a law has been on the books in Illinois that allows the mother of a newborn to abandon her child at certain locations without the consequence of criminal prosecution.

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The law says that the mother must drop the baby off at either a hospital, police department, fire department or EMS facility.

It goes on to say that the baby must be in good physical condition and that it must be younger then 30 days old.

However just this past weekend, a mother in Chicago literally walked into a fire station in Chicago and gave up her 6 month old.

Authorities say she talked to the firefighters on duty and told them she just couldn't be a mother anymore.

After about a 15 minute conversation, she left and now that has police and DCFS looking for the mother.

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Wednesday we will talk to Blessing Hospital in Quincy to get more details on the Safe Haven Law in Illinois.

We will also check with Iowa and Missouri to see what their Safe Haven Law says as well.

For more details on the Safe Haven laws from state to state and to get more information on Safe Haven you can log onto to their website at

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