Make the pledge to Just Let It Ring

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 18% of all injury crashes last year were tied to distracted driving.

So that's why KHQA is once again asking you to take the pledge or renew your pledge to Just Let It Ring .

"KHQA wants to take the opportunity to to continue the Just Let It Ring campaign into 2013. It's our commitment and our way to the community to ensure safer roads," Jayne Pieper, KHQA Local Sales Manager said.

Click here to take the pledge now.

According to the US DOT, more than 3,000 people were killed in car crashes in 2010, where there was a distracted driver. And on top of those 3,000 fatalities, more then 400,000 people were injured.

Because it's such an issue not just here in the Tri State area, but across the U.S., even Miss Illinois Megan Ervin is getting involved.

"I support KHQA and the Just Let It Ring campaign. Join KHQA and myself to Just Let It Ring. Drive Now and text later. Make your Just Let It Ring pledge today," Ervin said.

So it's not just the police or even parents who are asking you to put down the phone while you drive.

KHQA is also asking you to Just Let It Ring.