Make sure you register for Marion County Code Red system

Marion County's Code Red alert system was activated this weekend as the severe winter weather headed for the Tri-States.

Marion County Emergency Management Director John Hark says that he was glad to see how well the system worked. He is still encouraging more people to sign up for the free service that sends out emergency alerts by telephone.

Hark says that Marion County emergency management has a list of landline phone numbers that can be called with local messages and warnings.

But he says that Marion County residents can also sign up for other services.

"You can also sign up your home phone and your cell phones to get weather alerts direct from St. Louis weather. And you get a text e-mail on severe winter weather if you sign up your cell phones," Hark explained.

Hark says that Marion County residents can sign up for the Code Red Alert system on the Marion County Emergency Management Agency Facebook page.