Make it a happy paw-liday season

The holidays are a great time for friends and family to gather but it's important to think about your four-legged friends, too.

Now is the time to begin 'pet proofing' your home to make sure it is a safe as possible for your pet.

You might be watching your weight, but you need to watch what your pets are eating, too.

Whether it be extra treats, table food, or even holiday plants.

Eating anything out of your pet's normal diet could be bad for their health and safety.

Dr. Robert Reich with Animal Medical Clinic says, "the Christmas tree water is a poison in and of itself. If they drink out of the Christmas tree, they could potentially get sick. So, try to think ahead, if you have a seasoned pet, don't tempt it with so many new things. If you have a new puppy, try to introduce them to it slowly."

Remember, dogs follow their stomachs and cats follow their curiosity.

Accidental ingestion of decorations can lead to serious problems.

Dr. Reich also offers these tips:

- Restrict your pet to its regular food and ask guests in advance to not bring food to share with your pet.

- Upon arrival, remind all guests to please refrain from sharing any food (human or other) with your pet. If absolutely necessary, sharing a small amount of lean meat will be the best way to safely include your dog in your holiday feast. This should be done by the person who ordinarily feeds the pet to ensure that the pet is not overindulged. Better yet, place a small bowl of your petâ??s food/treats on the table (near the owner) so if the owner feels the need to give his/her pet something from the table, it can be fed something healthier, and something that itâ??s used to eating, instead.

- If you are the one traveling to visit friends or relatives this holiday season and you are taking your personal medications with you, please note where you store them during your visit and make sure that they are absolutely out of the reach of your pet (and any pets that may live in the home where you are staying.) Also be sure to pack your petâ??s food so you donâ??t need to change its diet during your travels.