Majors Jennings receive new appointments

The Quincy Salvation Army will begin its search for new Majors. Majors Dan and Dorene Jennings have been reassigned.

The Majors will be serving as divisional leaders for the Wisconsin and the Upper Michigan Division, which includes 25 Salvation Army Corps community centers.

This includes the Kroc Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

"While we are excited about the opportunity that lies ahead, we will greatly miss Quincy. It has been our privilege to be part of the launch of the Quincy Kroc Center, an honor to serve in the Quincy/Hannibal area, and to get to know so many wonderful, caring people. There is still a tremendous amount of work to do before we depart. I am committed to the successful completion of the Christmas campaign and the Emergency Shelter/Family Services facility, which will open in early 2013," Major Dan Jennings stated.

Major Jennings says he relates it to raising your kids, seeing them grow, and then eventually it's time to leave the next.

"It's hard for us to leave. Because it's been a part of our life for the past two years every day. We've lived and breathed Kroc Center and we've had a lot of ambitions and and a lot of initiatives we've wanted to see take place. And now it's time to leave it all behind in someone else's hands. There's some separation anxiety, of course," Major Jennings said.

Major Dan Jennings will serve as the Divisional Commander, and Major Dorene Jennings will serve as the Director of Women's Ministries.

Their new appointments begin February 6 of next year.