Major gas leak closes section of Quincy thoroughfare

Workers with Ameren are finishing up repairs on a major gas leak in Quincy

Workers with Ameren are finishing up repairs on a major gas leak in Quincy in the vicinity of 28th and Broadway and one lane is now open in each direction.

The leak meant traffic headaches Monday morning for drivers who travelled the major stretch of Broadway.

Firefighters were called to 28th and Broadway just before 2 a.m. for the smell of natural gas in the area. First responders closed off Broadway from 24th Street to 30th Street near Sturhahn Jewelers.

According to Leigh Morris, a spokesman for Ameren Illinois, the leak was caused when a mechanical-type pipe coupling came loose. Repairs are currently underway and it is estimated that the work will be completed by about 4 p.m.

Power and gas was cut to a total of 12 business customers near the site, spokesman Morris said. All have had their electric service restored.

â??There is no gas in any buildings and the sewers have been vented,â?? he said.

Morris estimated that it could take several hours as the crew had to dig down to the gas line to cap. This is done so that Ameren doesn't have to shut down gas an power to numerous homes and businesses, Morris said.

â??They've just run into open problem after another trying to get to this,â?? he said. â??We're not dealing with anything that is a danger to the public.â??

Traffic was redirected down 30th and 24th.