Major fundraiser for Madonna House

A non-profit group in Quincy that provides services to pregnant women and their children is asking for your help.

T he Madonna House is in the middle of their annual Christmas campaign and because of state budget cuts, it needs more help then usual during their major fundraiser of the year.

It has served the women and the community since 1988. And last year they served 8000 individuals when it came to their food pantry, shelter, clothing closet and diaper pantry. But since the State of Illinois has slashed their budget, that decision in Springfield has been felt all the way to their operation at 405South 12th.

Glenda Farkas is the Madonna House Board of Directors President and she said," We saw a very large reduction in state funding this year. One of our major funding sources from the state was totally zeroed out this year, so that had a huge impact. And another one took a major reduction. So Madonna house and the Board of Directors and the staff, have been scrambling to find other ways to provide these services, so that way they're not dropped and these families have the same opportunities to succeed."

The house has room for five families and 13 individuals. They serve women who are pregnant and have no where else to go. They also help their clients with case management and self help classes.

The annual budget for the Madonna House is around $200,000. That includes two full time staff members and several part time staff positions. Madonna House guidelines say there must a staff member on duty 24 hours a day seven days a week. If the fundraising goal is reached, that would be only about 25 percent of their total budget. So Farkas hopes the community will be able to meet the goal that's been set.