Madonna House needs help packing protein

The Madonna House is hoping you'll help pack its pantry with protein for the coming year.

For only $9.99 customers can purchase a special meat bundle at discounted prices at the Butcher Block.

Then the Butcher Block sends your donation to the Madonna House to help folks who use the home's food pantry.

The package comes with hamburger, sausage, chicken and deer meat.

Madonna House Executive Director Barb Hicks says this meat will help fill a void in nutrition for needy families in our area.

Dan Veihl, Butcher Block Owner said, "It's a good thing for the community especially with times as hard as they are right now. It's a good way to get protein to the people who need it right now."

Hicks said, "Those in poverty tend to be the obese in our country because pastas and potatoes and rice are foods that add to obesity and are also the foods that are cheaper and easier to get. That's why we decided to address that issue by providing some protein and more well-rounded and nutritious meals."

This is the second year for the protein drive, but this year donations are down.

If you can help, purchase a bundle for the Madonna House at the Butcher Block on Maine Street in Quincy.

By the way, the Madonna house is hitting some hard times. It's annual Christmas Campaign we've told you about in the past is $12 thousand from its goal.

Hicks says those dollars are vital to keep services available for women and children needing a new start.

Campaign dollars are more vital than state dollars are delayed and dwindling and local donations are down.

If you can help, send your donations to the Madonna House at