Madonna House falling short in campaign fund raiser

A local non-profit organization is feeling the pinch of these tight economic times.

The Madonna House in Quincy is trying to raise a minimum of $20,000 as part of its annual Christmas Campaign.

So far, it's only raised about $8500 in donations.

That's about 42 percent short of where the organization usually is this time of year.

The Madonna House provides shelter for pregnant women and women with children throughout the Tri-States.

Executive Director Barb Hicks says the need is greater than ever.

She also had some ideas about how people can help during a struggling economy.

Hicks said, "We do suggest they think outside the box. Maybe in lieu of gifts, maybe send donations in honor of somone. That can be the most flattering gift of all. Or rather than sending one large gift, break it down throughout the year, so they can afford it monthly."

Hicks told KHQA earlier this month the Madonna House turns away 300 families a year due to limited resources.

It also has anywhere from 12- to 16 families on the waiting list in a given month.

The fund-raising campaign runs through the end of January.