Madd Hoss Jackson plays Nashville

Band and crew members set up the stage in Nashville.

Talks are going on in Nashville about Madd Hoss Jackson.

The band's producer has been talking to record executives about the show they saw last week in Nashville.

When Madd Hoss Jackson pulled into Nashville on June 3, it was business as usual.

The band and a few helpers set up the stage as they do just about every weekend, but this venue is Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville in Nashville.

These four guys have been together for about seven years. Believe it or not, this is the first time they've played Nashville together as a group. And this is a very big deal for these guys because in the audience, a couple dozen record executives. If things go well, the possibilities are endless.

"Worst case scenario, we have a heck of an experience, keep on doing what we're doing and keep playing in more and more markets, keep being opening acts, and that kind of stuff," Jim Jennings with the band said.

Best case scenario, the band lands a record deal and becomes a mainstay on your radio.

"I'm not nervous at all," Matt Bullard with Madd Hoss Jackson said

Band members were able to take that nervous energy and turn it into excitement for this show.

"I haven't really separated the best part of playing Nashville from the best part of playing. Anywhere we're playing. Getting in front of people," Andy Ham with Madd Hoss Jackson said.

You would think the band would practice, practice, practice leading up to such a big show.

"Practice? Not a whole lot. we practice every weekend," Jennings said.

The guys all have what Jennings calls the Madd Hoss State of Mind. Be relaxed and be yourself. The combination of that mixed with talent and a little bit of luck could turn Madd Hoss Jackson into a household name.

The band knows how to work a crowd. It plays more than 100 dates a year in a five state area, but that could soon change. On this night, sever record executives were in the audience. They sat beside die hard fans like Kim Lawrence and Judy Crystal. They've seen this band play at least 20 times. When they heard Madd Hoss was playing in Nashville, travelling from Missouri to watch was a no brainer.

"They're good people, too. They're talented and good people. And they have fun," Kim Lawrence, a fan of the band said.

"They love what they do, and you can see that in every song," Judy Crystal said.

Band members tell me it was awesome to see some familiar faces in an unfamiliar place.

"That's pride in what we're doing. It's hard to believe that people want to drive that far to come see us. It's to support what we're trying to do," Ham said.

"I can't walk down the street without somebody grabbing my hand and saying this is so great what you guys are doing," Jennings said.

Band members say they are blown away by family and friends reaction to what they're doing.

"I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard them say 'you deserve this," Jennings said.

Basically, here's what the guys want. They want to make music for a living. They are also very realistic in saying reaching superstardom might not happen, they just want to make this their full time job on some level.

"I've never seen a band perform for two and a half hours straight without stopping," Howard Rakers said.

Rakers is a fan and one of the investors behind the band.

"I hope these guys go on further, and I think they're capable of it. They are all good musicians. They're great," Rakers said.

Record executives have been talking to the band's producer about the future. If the band can work Music City like it works an audience, there's a good chance they'll hit the big time.

Something else that could come out of the trip, the band could start landing gigs in other Jimmy Buffet Margaritavilles all around the country.

The band also has another showcase set up in Nashville the first week of August.

In the next couple of weeks, local country music band Madd Hoss Jackson will release it's first CD.