Macon residents watch your bank and credit card accounts

The Macon Police Department has received reports of fraudulent use of credit and debit devices over the past several days.

Victims have reported finding unauthorized use of bank accounts and credit card accounts.

Authorities report that the activities are not business specific, bank specific or even card company specific.

It is highly recommended that you closely monitor your bank and credit cards on a daily basis or even more often if possible. Look for any suspicious activities on your account, including credits added to your account from unknown sources.

For greater protection, consider changing passwords, PINs or even requesting new debit and credit card numbers when possible.

Anyone finding they are victim to fraudulent activity should report to their local law enforcement as quickly as possible to help collect information regarding the apparent increase in fraudulent activities in the area.

The Macon Police Department can be reached at 660-385-2195, 24 hours a day.