Macomb works to beautify city with public art

A Western Illinois University professor made his mark on the city he teaches in. Professor Duke Oursler created a sculpture displayed off of West Jackson street in Macomb.

The artwork is an addition to a project created by the city to beautify certain areas around town. The project was funded by a state grant, allowing the city to put a green space in an area that used to have run down homes.

Oursler's sculpture was paid for through the Rotary Club's donations and partially through the state grant. His sculpture is titled "American Class" and was designed to resemble characteristics of the town.

Oursler teaches sculpting classes at WIU and hopes to have his students create artwork that can eventually be displayed around town.

Oursler says for his next project, "Rocky on Parade," he will make ten fiberglass bulldogs for local artists to paint.

The bulldogs will then be displayed outside local businesses.

Oursler expects this to happen next year during WIU's homecoming.