Macomb wants to take a bite out of vicious animals

Protecting people and animals is the thought behind a proposed ordinance in Macomb.

So far, the vicious animal ordinance has had its first reading.

This coming Monday, the public is welcome to come to the city council meeting and give input.

If all goes as planned, a second reading and vote would happen on July 29.

The ordinance is a proactive step the city wants to take to protect people and pets from animals that are deemed vicious.

"Absolutely not breed specific. We have the vicious animal ordinance defined as an animal. It doesn't say what breed it could be other than a dog. It could be a cat or an exotic animal. It's a very comprehensive ordinance from that perspective," Mayor Mike Inman said.

If this ordinance passes, an animal deemed vicious would have to be registered as such.

There would be an annual fee for that registration.

The animal would also have to follow certain conditions that could involve muzzling or keeping the animal on the owner's property.