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      Macomb teacher contract negotiations continue

      The Macomb Board of Education held a special press conference Monday to update the public on teacher contract negotiations.

      On Friday, the Macomb Board of Education declared an impasse in negotiations with the Macomb Education Association.

      The Board of Education brought forward another offer, however, in Monday's press conference.

      "This morning the Macomb Board of Education delivered to the Macomb Education Association union leadership our best and final offer," Board of Education President Matt Bierman said.

      Not many details have been released about the offer.

      The board has removed the elimination of the November $1,000 stipend from its final offer. "In full transparency, we did add some cost sharing measures we hope will be more acceptable to the Macomb Education Association and move us toward a compromise," Bierman said.

      Superintendent Patrick Twomey says that one of the reason the stipend was taken off the table has to do with timing.

      "Having conversations with the board, I think they recognize that, perhaps maybe one of the issues were that the teachers were unprepared to give up that amount of money in a quick amount of time, just prior to the holidays," Twomey said.

      Some of the issues on the table are retirement packages and individual health insurance.