Macomb students ordered back to school as roads worsen

Illinois State Police told three buses from the Macomb School District to return to school with about 40 students in tow.

Superintendent Alene Reuschel said the buses were asked to return to the school after 2:10 p.m.. dismissal Thursday because of a serious weather-related crash that occurred on U.S. Route 136.

By 3:50 p.m., about 10 students remained at the school and Reuschel said staff would remain there until parents could get there to pick them up.

Reuschel said that all parents have been contacted, but many of them work and are unable to pick up their children until after their shifts are complete.

She said staff will remain at the school until each student is picked up by a parent or guardian.

We'll be OK. It's safe. It's warm and that's all that matters to use, she said. We've got them safe. The only thing that I'm thinking about is keeping my children safe until they get home.

The McDonough County Sheriff's is advising that anyone who is stranded along the roadway to call 309-833-2323.

The Sheriff's Office will log your name and location.

Tow and emergency vehicles are unable to travel an increasing number of roads and highways. When road conditions are such that emergency responders can again travel, all stranded motorists will be contacted and assisted however possible.