Macomb schools to lose 20 employees

The Macomb School Board voted to let 20 program assistants and one technology integration specialist go on Monday.

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These cuts are parts of its annual reduction in force process.

The decisions were made primarily due to federal funds that may or may not come through to the school district.

The McDonough County Voice spoke with District Superintendent Alene Reuschel and she clarified that the RIF process is not an indicator of their financial status. They quoted Reuschel as saying, We have no firm numbers on anything. It would be unwise to overstaff. At this point we just don TMt know.

Dr. Reuschel spoke to KHQA about this Wednesday morning, "It is frustrating, but it's also disconcerting. We're dealing with children's lives, and more importantly, in this case, we're dealing with families and their lives. This isn't done lightly. It's done with a lit of arbitration and quite honestly, a lot of sadness."

If state money does come through, Dr. Reuschel says the jobs will be reconsidered, but you run the risk of losing good staff to another job

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