Macomb Public School District talks budget

KHQA checked in with Macomb's Public School District to talk budget.

School Superintendent Alene Reuschel told KHQA the district finished the fiscal year 2010 with a positive balance. For 2011, it projects a deficit in the education fund of about $500,000. Reuschel told us this is a worst case scenario based upon the state's poor record in paying its bills.

"We have reserves and we may need to use some this year. We have planned for such a case and believe we can weather this storm. We are being very, very conservative in all spending areas," said Reuschel.

The fund of greatest concern is transportation.

"Typically we had been receiving approx. $0.85/$1.00 as reimbursement. With the additional reduction of 42%, how districts who must provide transportation for students will manage is a question that needs to be answered by those who made this decision," said Reuschel.