Macomb Public Library looking for some breathing room

Books are stored everywhere to save space, including hallways

Those visiting the Macomb Public library may notice a lot of visitors, but not a lot of space.

"We do need more room and computers for other people," Deondra Jackson said. She visits the library 3 to 4 times every week. She's noticed books stored in hallways, and more people than computers available, but that is not the only problem. Cramped quarters force the library to turn away children from library programs.

"We have a library that's 108-years-old and hasn't really had any updating on it yet. This is probably the only public building in Macomb that hasn't had a major update prior to this time," Library Board President George Wanamaker said.

The state recently notified the library board that they qualify for a Capital Development Grant. The library is eligible for a nearly $2.4 million grant..."If we show that this community really wants to have this library by raising $794,000. Thus, we are going to have a campaign to raise $794,000," Wanamaker said.

The grant, combined with fundraising pays for a 10,000 square foot expansion. The library would buy more computers, add a room for teens, and build a large meeting room.

"This library is really great but we can make it even better. We can make Macomb a better community by having a better library," Campaign Co-Chair Melissa Inman said.

The construction will keep the library's historic value as an original Carnegie library.

The fundraising campaign called "Campaign for the future" kicks off Friday, October 5th. It will include a mail campaign, open house, and gala. The money must be raised by June 30th to receive the grant.