Macomb Police search for body of missing pipeline worker

Victim Juan Bustamante

There are new developments in the Macomb murder case where police say a pipeline worker admitted to killing his roommate.

Authorities say they've searched a landfill north of Macomb and through numerous dumpsters along the pipeline in search of 65-year-old Juan Bustamante's body.

They believe Bustemante is rolled in a black blanket that was rolled inside a large piece of carpeting.

Macomb Police are asking citizens who live in southern McDonough County, Schuyler County and parts of Western Fulton County, especially those areas near the pipeline, to be on the lookout for anything that seems out of place.

A roommate reported Bustamante and 43-year-old Jose Bustos missing last Thursday.

Federal Marshals captured Bustos over the weekend in Aurora, Colorado.

He later admitted to killing Bustamante then hanged himself while awaiting transfer to the state courthouse in Denver.