Macomb crews clean up storm debris following severe weather

Macomb crews spent Wednesday evening cleaning up tree debris following severe weather.

One crew had to use chainsaws on a massive tree at 735 Compton Parkway.

The tree was more than 40 feet tall with several limbs hanging loose after it was struck by lightning.

Luckily, no one was injured.

Meanwhile, heavy winds uprooted a large tree on Jamie Lane in Macomb.

House owner Jimmy Buwick told KHQA he and his wife stepped out to run an errand right before the storm blew through.

He said he couldn't believe seeing the tree uprooted just seven minutes later when they returned home.

"Shocked and surprised," Buwick explained. "We just drove down this driveway a few minutes earlier. We come back and the tree is down and nobody knew about it. It just appeared. The neighbors didn't know until an hour later. It's just a complete surprise."

Buwick said this won't be the first tree he's had to cut down.

He said he and his son plan to get to work on it Thursday morning.

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